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When my wife suggested that I consider using alternative therapies for my aggressive prostate cancer and severe back pain from spinal disc disease I was a bit skeptical.  I had received radiation and hormone therapy for my cancer and was trying to avoid surgical intervention.  I was also using pain medication for my back pain and suffering from depression.

However, my wife has been treated by Dr. Randall Wegener  for several months for her severe migraines and she was very pleased with her success in reducing the frequency and severity of her attacks.

I had seen firsthand the results my wife had with her treatments BUT I was amazed at the difference I felt with the very first session!  Dr. Wegener was compassionate and empathetic with my issues.  He taught me many new ways of thinking differently, of eating well, of being active, and of not owning my cancer.  Each session I came away with new ideas.

My next visit with the oncologist revealed that my cancer was in remission!  No surgery was needed.

Thank you, Dr. Wegener, for your “healing sticks”, your friendship, and your years of expertise and intuitive care for so many of us with health needs when conventional medicine doesn’t have all the answers.


Bill R., Retired School Administrator



I came to Dr. Wegener to try acupuncture for an ongoing problem with migraine headaches. Much to my surprise, I had immediate positive results for muscle spasms and pain in other parts of my body which had been causing great difficulty in sitting at my desk or in the car for extended periods.  After years of accepting this pain as something I would have to live with, it is now completely gone.  The migraines improved more slowly, but after a few weeks of focused treatment there has been a dramatic improvement in the frequency of the headaches to the point where i have not had one for 2 weeks – after having at least 3 or 4 a week for many years.  I have used a veterinary acupuncturist for my show/performance dogs for several years and am delighted to experience the same miraculous results for myself.  Beyond the effectiveness of acupuncture, Dr. Wegener is a compassionate, caring professional who has not only helped my body regain vitality but has also helped me regain my energy and positive mental outlook.

Lisa A. – Fallbrook


“Randall Wegener integrates intuition, compassion and precision for the highest good and care of his patients. I always float out of his office with a smile on my face.”

Craig L. – Fallbrook



I was referred to Randall last year for my dis-eases, which include endometriosis, fibromyalgia, hyperthyroidism, and ongoing liver and spleen issues. Western Medicine doctors were wanting to take out one organ after the other, were putting me in surgery almost monthly, and prescribing me up to twelve drugs at one time. The side effects and interactions from all the drugs were almost as hard on my body as my health issues. It didn’t make sense to me to continue taking drugs and going through surgery if they weren’t making me better… they were only masking my problems. Acupuncture is a way for me to find pain, nausea, fatigue, and insomnia relief (just to name a few) and it is actually helping to fix the root of my problems, not just cover them up. The amount of relief I get from endometriosis is almost life saving. I go from barely being able to walk to not having cramps at all. Randall is an amazing healer that puts so much into helping his patients. He is wise, intuitive, and extremely thorough in his treatments. He takes the time to help his patients get better physically and grow emotionally and spiritually.


Cammy G – Fallbrook


Dear Dr. Wegner,

I am writing to thank you for all you have done to assist me with my successful recovery from cancer surgery. While acupuncture treatment is ongoing and continuing to have a great impact, I wanted to let you know that I have seen a drastic improvement in virtually every area that was affected by the major abdominal surgery I had just 4 weeks ago. This includes a reduction in swelling, improvement in bowel and urinary function, increased vitality and energy and a quick resolution of pain. In addition, all the work you did prior to the surgery to help prepare my body and mind for the ordeal created a foundation for me to be able to heal more quickly than the doctors expected and to be back doing what I love most – running and showing my dogs. I so appreciate your kind, compassionate and miraculous work for my benefit.

Thank you so very much.

L. – Fallbrook


“Randall has a deep understanding into the causes of illness and pain.  He treats, not only the body but nourishes the spirit.  His gentle healing energy comes from his integral knowledge of our infinite human and divine possibilities and also from his deep love and commitment to help others”

M.B., Riverside County





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